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Our park was designed, engineered and managed following the European legislation thta dictates the contruction and management rules of an adventure park UNI EN 15567- 1- 2.

All the materials used for the construction, metal and wood (cables, cable clamps, bars and bolts, impregnated pine wood) comply with the CE and EN standards in force and are provided with the relevant certificates.

The acrobatic paths are installed on trees with low enviromental impact methodologies. The woodden platforms placed at different highst on the tree are connected to each other by walkways, swinging logs, elephant bridge, tibetan bridge etc., wich can be walked on with suitable equipment that guarantees maximum safety (PPE= Personal Protective Equipment).

The paths are inspected on a daily basis and every year to the opening is carried out an evaluation of the stability of the trees and a test by an engineer in charge who issues a certificate of suitability.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are certified for specific use in the Adventure park and are costantly monitored by a specially trained employee to ensure full efficiency and issue certification. From this year 2015 we are also equipping ourselves with new permanent coupling devices, namely a particular lobster clasp, which through an internal mechanism, does not allow to release both lobster clasps at the same time, thusw also canceling the existing risks with common lobster clsps. We are therefor working to continue to ensure the highest standard of security and maximum tranquility for users.

The park staff is made up of operators responsible for welcoming guests and specialized instructors adequately trained through a course whose program is shared and approved by the Italian Adventure Parks Association and the National Alpine Guides College. After the dressing phase, with a harness, lobster clasps, pulley and helmet, an instructor provides detailed training on the test/briefing course, explaining the maneuvers to be carried out and making sure that what has been said is understood. We have chosen the method of direct relationship with people. The instructors also remain available for any need and are also trained to recue anyone in difficulty ensuring the safety of the park.

In addition, in the Park and at the beginning of each paths there is a sign indicating the characteristics of the path itself and reminds you of the main rules to be respected for the proper conduct of the activity.

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