The Park

Saltalbero is an Oasis of tranquility surrounded by nature among beautiful meadows and a wonderful forest overlooking the Ombrone river valley.

You can have fun with acrobatic paths on the trees and spend a day in company in the large area equipped with activities on the ground or simply to relax.

At the park we put all agree... Whether you prefer to rest in the shade of the oaks trees lying on a nice hammock or you want to find a little spirit of adventure, Saltalbero is the place for you!

Adventure routes

To some it may seem impossible but in Saltalbero you can experience the emotion of climbing into the foliage of majestic oaks and passing from one tree to another through suspended games.

For alla ages!

A challenge with themselves for children, teens and adults who can try their hand at Tibetan bridges, pirate ladders, cableways, swinging logs to give life to that spirit of adventure that is within us, each following their own path based on age and/or preferred degree difficulty.

All safely

Our park was designed, engineered and managed following the European legislation thta dictates the contruction and management rules of an adventure park UNI EN 15567- 1- 2.

All the materials used for the construction, metal and wood (cables, cable clamps, bars and bolts, impregnated pine wood) comply with the CE and EN standards in force and are provided with the relevant certificates.

The adventure begins!

Are you ready to discover
our adventures?

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