Download our release, the paths of the advenure park can be done in a totally autonomous way and in conditions of maximum safety. 

However, compliance with some rules is mandatory:

Be in good physical shape and have no heart problems;

Follow the short mandatory training course (briefing) wich prepares you to tackle the routes and instructs you on the use of safety devices;

Comply with safety regulations, in particular always remain attached to the safety cable by unhooking and hooking one carabiner at a time;

Do not bring any object that could fall during the activity, do not throw any object from the top of the paths;

For any difficulty ask for the advice or intervention of an instructor;

Instructors are authorized to:

Interrupt or deny the performance of the activity to those who do not respect the safety rules, have an incorrect behavior disturbing or endangering themselves and other users. In this case no refund of the ticket will be granted, close the routes in adverse weather conditions. People with a body weight over 110 Kg cannot go up to the structural limits of the paths.

Each user is responsible for their own security.

The Adventure Park assumes no responsibility in the event of an accident caused by your negligence or failure to comply with safety regulations. Minors are under the responsibility of their parents or a responsible adult, up to 6 years they must accompany them on the routes, which authorizes them to partecipate in the activity by signing the document acknowledgment these regulations. Groups and school groups, made up of minors, are the responsibility of their companions. 

RULES: on each path you proceed one at a time; a maximum of 3 people can remain parked on each platform; it is forbidden to voluntarily produce oscillations on the paths, shaking or anything else that could cause denger; the ticket allows you to use the harness and other safety devices for 2 hours; it is absolutely forbidden to use the paths of the park in absence of the staff; it is mandatory to observe and follow the instructions on the signs at the beginning of each paths; the use of closed shoes, sneakers or similar is mandatory; it is mandatory to tie your hair.

Download our release.

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