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Frequently asked questions about Saltalbero

Yes, if you are physically fit, you can have fun with us. All the courses, in fact, can be enjoyed at any age, with increasing difficulty levels and complete safety. Saltalbero’s staff will assist you throughout the whole course and will be ready to intervene in case of any necessity.

The Ladybug course can be accessed already at 3 years of age.
The following paths can be accessed from 4 years of age and ah height of 110 cm measured at the wrist with the hand raised.
All the other courses are intended for boys and girls, with higher difficulty levels and heights!!!!

No previous experience is necessary, Saltalbero’s technical staff will perform a briefing-training where the basic techniques will be shown and the easy safety measures will be explained.

We do not accept reservations, but for groups larger than 20 people it is preferable to tell us in advance that you are coming, in order to avoid having too many large groups present at the same time. It is advisable to download and fill-in the disclaimer form for the access, in order to speed up the Park access procedures.

Saturday is usually a good option, like any business day.

Yes, minors should be accompanied by an adult that will have to sign the disclaimer form upon access (after having checked the guidelines). For kids till 6 years old it’s required that a responsible adult accompany him on the routes.

The ticket is only necessary for kids older that 18 and includes access for one whole day to pic nic areas, barbecues, kids area, sports and games area. Activities are paid extra by those who choose to participate.

All the equipment necessary (helmet, harness, longes and carabiners, pulley) is provided by the Adventure Park’s staff who is also in charge of the briefing-training for the correct us of it.

No, only the equipment provided by Saltalbero is allowed in the courses, and is certified by European security regulations.

It is obligatory to have comfortable clothes with sneakers and pants at least long up to the knee; smooth soles and heels should be avoided.

Yes, most courses can be seen from the public areas.

For safety reasons, the height requirements must be strictly respected, since a height lower that the one indicated would make it hard or impossible to safely use the carabiners.

Courses can be enjoyed also with light rain. In case of heavy rain, storms or strong winds, the activities are interrupted until the conditions improve. After more than 2 hours of waiting, participants will be given a free individual access ticket to return to the park, in case they could only use the courses for less than 1 hour after the initial briefing. No refunds will be provided.

Activities are carried out at a certain height, but by following the simple safety rules explained during the briefing and thanks to the safety equipment, all activities can be done in total safety.

Discounts are available for groups larger than 12 persons, refer to the price list.

Yes, a snack point is available during the Park’s opening hours, it also allows to reserve lunches and snacks.

Yes, provided that they are accompanied and wear their leash.

Yes, provided that they are accompanied and wear their leash.

Yes, the courses are equipped with safes with locks where you can store bags and other personal objects.

Yes, the parking is near the entrance to the Adventure Park

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