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adventure courses up on the trees for adults and kids

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Our park has been devices, designed and is being managed according to European regulations that describe the rules to build and manage an Adventure Park, the UNI EN 15567 – 1 – 2.

Every material used, both metal and wooden (cables, clamps, rods and bolts, treated pine wood) comply CE and EN regulations and are certified.

The acrobatic courses are installed on the trees with low environment impact methods. The wooden platforms placed at various heights on the trees are connected through boardwalks, swinging logs, elephant’s bridges, Tibetan bridges, etc.., that can be traversed with the appropriate equipment that guarantee total safety (IPD = Individual Protection Devices).

The courses are inspected daily, and every year before the yearly opening we carry out a stability evaluation of each tree, and an appointed engineer carries out an inspection and releases a compliance certificate.

The Individual Protection Devices (I.P.D.) are certified for the specific use in the Adventure Park and are constantly monitored by an appointed member of staff, specifically trained, to guarantee their full efficiency and compliance with the certifications. Since 2015 we are also starting to employ new devices with permanent coupling, such as carabiners that with and internal mechanism do not allow to unclamp both carabiners at the same time, thus eliminating also the risks that may occur with the current carabiners. We are also working to continue to guarantee the maximum safety standards and serenity of our users.

The Park’s staff is made of Operators appointed to the welcoming of guests and specialized instructors, specifically trained with a course which program is shared with the Italian Adventure Parks Association and the National Alpine Guides Guild.
After fitting the equipment, with the harness, carabiners, pulley and helmet, an Instructor will carry out a detailed training on the test/briefing course explaining the movements to perform and making sure that everything is understood. We chose a direct approach with people. The instructors are also at the users’ disposal for any need and are trained to help those who are experiencing difficulties, thus guaranteeing the safety of the Park.

Also, inside the Park and at the start of every course, signs can be found, indicating the features of the courses and reminding users of the simple safety rules to be followed for the correct performance of the activity.