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adventure courses up on the trees for adults and kids

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SURE YOU CAN!!! It may sound impossible, but Saltalbero allows to live the emotion of jumping in the foliage of the majestic oak trees and go from one tree to the other with suspended games. All this, in complete safety and with the tips of qualified instructors that will provide you with the necessary equipment and training to climb on your own and in complete safety.
A challenge against yourself for kids, boys and adults that will have a chance to face Tibetan bridges, pirates’ ladders, cableways, swinging trunks, to revive the spirit of adventure in everybody, and each of you can choose the course depending on the age and/or the preferred skill level.
Training Course
n. 3 Ladybug Courses for kids of 3-6 years
Wren Course – Wodpecker Course – Chip and Dale from about 5years old kids with a height of at least 1,10 m measured at the wrist, with the arm raised.
Hare Course – Owl Course – Geko Course from about 7-8 years old kids and Over with a height of at least 1,40 m measured at the wrist, with the arm raised.
Squirrel Course – Buzzard Course for the older ones with a height of at least 1,60 m measured at the wrist, with the arm raised.

Note: Minors that choose to undertake the courses must be accompanied by an adult.
For kids till 6 years old it’s required that a responsible adult accompany him on the routes