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adventure courses up on the trees for adults and kids with pic-nic area

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The courses of the Adventure Park can be enjoyed in complete safety and autonomously.

It is however obligatory to respect a few rules:

  • Being physically fit and not having heart issues
  • Follow the short obligatory training course (briefing), that will prepare you for the courses and will teach you how to use the safety devices
  • Respect the security regulations, especially keeping the safety cable always attached by unfastening and fastening one carabiner at a time
  • Do not bring any object that might fall during the activity, do not throw anything from the courses
  • In case of any difficulty ask for advice or request help to an instructor

The staff is authorized to:

  • Stop or negate the performing of the activity to those who do not follow the safety regulations, behave badly and disturb or endanger others or themselves. In this case, the ticket will not be refunded
  • Close the courses in bad weather conditions

Every visitor is responsible for its own safety.
The Adventure Park does not assume any responsibility in case of incident caused the visitors’ negligence or lack of respect for the safety regulations. Minors are under the responsibility of their parents or adults that authorize them to participate in the activities by signing the disclaimer of acknowledgment of these regulations. Groups or school classes, made up of minors, are under the responsibilities of their adult companions.


  • Every course can be traversed by one person at a time
  • Every platform can only be occupied by no more than 3 persons
  • It is prohibited to voluntarily provoke swinging, shakes or other dangerous movements on the courses
  • The ticket allows to use the harness and other safety devices for 2 hours
  • It is absolutely prohibited to access the courses without the presence of the staff
  • It is obligatory to pay attention and follow the instructions indicated on the signs at the start of each course
  • It is obligatory to wear closed shoes, such as trainers
  • It is obligatory to have tied hair.

Download the regulation and release